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July 2002


Happy 4th of July to those in the United States... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kirk Pengilly who turns 44 today! Congratulations!

More fan reviews:
Re New York City: "...All of a sudden a big BOOM comes over the speakers and "Precious Heart" starts playing. Oh wow. I will admit, as soon as the guys came on the stage, I lost it. You have to understand, I was REALLY skeptical at first to see INXS, because Michael wasn't there. That all changed as soon as Jon Stevens came out and started singing. Yes, the tears kept coming, but they were tears of joy. I could feel Michael's presence. It was pure closure for me. The guys were awesome... [Four nights later at the PNC Arts Center] How could the guys beat such a great performance? We headed down to our seats, and waited again for the show to come on. This time the show was different; WOW! This show totally rocked!! I mean, NEW JERSEY rocked!!! The guys loved the crowed!! You could totally tell. The crowd loved Jon, it was so awesome. The tribute to Michael was awesome; I know it's the same at each show, but it's just so beautiful and gives a wonderful feeling seeing it everytime. I've been to a lot of concerts in my life, but I would have to say for sure, this show BY FAR, has got to be my all time FAVORITE!!" (Michelle McFerran)

"I recently had the chance to see INXS, in concert, at the Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, LI. It was absolutely incredible! I currently live in Cincinnati, however, I flew "home" to catch INXS at the beach. I purchased back row orchestra seats but was able to work my way to a front row, central seat. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to be in such a situation. When INXS came on with "New Sensation," the place went crazy! Though we had to endure a thunder and lightning storm (it's an outdoor amphitheater), the band played on with invigorating energy. So, there I was, in the front row, singing every lyric to every song and Jon Stevens comes up to me with the microphone during "Devil Inside" and lets me sing a verse! Unbelievable....that's all I can say. Never in a million years would I have thought of such a scenario for my self. Jon Stevens is a fantastic addition to the band, and they have some great new songs, including "Hungry"... Thanks so much to the members of INXS for returning after all that has happened, I'm looking forward to the next tour!" (Mark Nadobny)

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