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"Let Me Show You" (M Hutchence/A Gill)
*previously known as "song #1"
the album's heaviest track, featuring joe strummer from the clash. contains the lyric "i'm black and blue from love and art, strip to show me all you are"

"Possibilities" (M Hutchence/D Saber)
hutchence recorded this "jazzy portisheadish track with a lush chorus" just three days before his death

"Get On The Inside" (M Hutchence/A Gill)
described as "funky 90s soul"

"Fear" (M Hutchence/A Gill)
eastern percussion merges with trip-hop as hutchence singes "kiss the warm knives as they dig for your soul." also contains a lyric proclaiming hutchence as "the white truth dealer."

"All I'm Saying" (M Hutchence/T Simenon)
a haunting electronic track co-written by tim simenon of "bomb the bass"

"A Straight Line" (M Hutchence/A Gill)
the first single, this is the closest michael gets to a straight forward inxs single. with denise johnson on backing vocals

"Baby It's Alright" (M Hutchence/D Saber)
described as "a slow but funky workout"

"Don't Save Me From Myself" (M Hutchence/A Gill)
(lyrics previously reprinted above)
a driving groove, the song contains the stanza "i'm not keeping time, get me out of here, holding up my crime, ready for what's sent me... separate love from possession." andy gill is quoted as saying: "it is michael explaining how frustrated he is, being unable to live his own life"

"She Flirts For England" (M Hutchence/A Gill)
the title comes from bono, who upon seeing paula yates on a bed in her tv studio told hutchence, "that girl could flirt for england"

"Flesh And Blood" (M Hutchence/A Gill)
a cinematic feel with hutchence singing "strip away the bones and skin, show me what lies within"

"Put The Pieces Back Together (M Hutchence/A Gill)
(lyrics previously reprinted above)
hutchence accuses geldof of trying to sabotage his relationship with yates, ending each verse with the chant "sue me, sue me, sue me"

"Breathe" (M Hutchence/D Saber)
similar to nine inch nails, the song has a haunting chorus wherein michael repeatedly intones the chilling phrase "keep breathing"

"Slide Away" (M Hutchence/A Gill/Bono)
described as "a stark electronic opus" with spine-tingling vocal performances by bono and hutchence. considered the album's highlight by most reviewers, it includes the prophetic line, "i just wanna slide away and come alive again."

Other tracks that will appear as B-sides:

"Let The People Talk" (M Hutchence/A Gill)
andy gill describes this song as "about how the media, particularly the tabloids, have this insatiable appetite for devouring the celebrity lifestyle. it's about [michael's] life and how he was hounded and how paula was continually attacked in the press and how they felt those intrusions." gill adds that the song has an insistent, funky rhythm

"Standing On A Rooftop" (M Hutchence/A Gill)
the b-side to "a straight line" in australia

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